Customized Treatments Are What We Do

We have developed patent-pending, biochemical solutions that offer customized treatments for upstream oil applications. Each treatment is produced in a local fermentation center and optimized specifically for individual well conditions and regional challenges.

Our products can:

  • Enhance oil recovery

  • Disperse paraffin wax and asphaltenes

  • Clean rods, tubing, pumps, flow lines, and solidified storage tank bottoms

  • Reduce viscosity

A Top Technology in the Industry

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Solving Top Oil
Industry Challenges

The efficacy of traditional microbial treatments has been marginal at best, as most products can’t survive production and shipment processes.

Locus Fermentation Solutions, Locus Bio-Energy’s parent company, solved that problem by developing local fermentation systems that can rapidly grow cultures and deliver them fresh on-site, ensuring maximum potency, without the use of living microbes.

Combined with our scientists’ deep knowledge of microbial applications, we rapidly develop customized solutions that effectively deal with a wide variety of industry challenges.

The Locus Difference

While price competitive with traditional treatments, we provide additional advantages of reduced down-times, less human involvement in hazardous environments, and being environmentally clean. The biochemicals that we use for our treatments are produced from naturally occurring, non-bacterial, non-GMO microbes. Our products are non-toxic, will not harm soil, equipment or surroundings, and do not create sludge.

Unlike other approaches, we do not use living microbes or live cells in our formulations, and we do not pump nutrients as part of our treatments.

We Offer Unique Solutions That Are Unmatched

Locus vs. Other Current Microbial Solutions
 In-SituStandard InjectableLocus Bio-Energy
Shut-in Time6 months1+ week0 days, AssurEOR FLOW
3 days, AssurEOR STIM
Bio-Film Issues?YesYesInhibits
Bacterial CulturesNative BiotaGenericNo
Potency At InjectionNo InjectionHighUp to 1000x Higher
CustomizationNot PossibleNot PossibleRapid
Cost-Competitive With Non-Green SolutionsOnly For MEORSometimesAlways
Typical ApplicationsMEORParaffin dispersal, MEORMultiple

Where We Serve

After extensive R&D, Locus Bio-Energy commercialized its solutions in March 2017 for use in the Appalachian basin—where some of the oldest wells in the country reside. Based on the impressive results, industry recognition and increasing demand from owners and operators, Locus expanded its offerings to the Permian basin—with a new facility based in Midland, Texas.

Appalachian Basin (Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky)

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