Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ Opens Midland, Texas Facility for Paraffin Dispersal and EOR

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Developing non-toxic technologies for upstream applications continues to intensify, but there’s been little success to date until recent advancements from Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™. The intellectual-property-based fermentation company, which is known throughout the industry for its local production of fresh, non-toxic and customized treatments, recently announced the opening of a new facility in Midland, Texas, to expand its unique product offerings.

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ Receives Global Recognition

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An Ohio-based R&D company is changing the future of the oil business by developing new and innovative approaches to common industry challenges—with solutions that are gaining international attention. World-class scientists at Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™, LLC have created a series of unique microbial-based products that substantially increase oil reserves and reduce LOE. The products, which are both cost-effective and non-toxic, are evolving oil well operators’ approaches to maintenance–leading Darcy Partners to name Locus Bio-Energy a Top 10 Emerging Tech Company in the World in the production chemicals space.

Darcy Partners names Locus Bio Energy as a Top 10

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After extensive due diligence, Locus was selected as one of the Top 10 Emerging Tech Companies in the world in the Production Chemicals space to present at a closed forum of super majors and top independents. The forum was organized by Darcy Partners in Houston. The object of interest was our paraffin dispersal solution. The exposure to companies of such pedigree and caliber was both exciting and beneficial – we are moving forward with interest from multiple major clients.

Locus has just been featured in the July editorial of the E&P magazine

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Locus has just been featured in the July editorial of the E&P magazine.  Click here to see it.  Locus’ technology has been talked about in the Production, Completion and Water Management sections. The Hart Energy E&P magazine is the industry’s leading publication and commands a readership base that is global. It covers the latest trends and technologies in exploration, drilling and production operations, onshore and offshore, in all parts of the world.

Production Chemicals Optimization Conference

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A team from Locus presented at the Production Chemicals Optimization Conference on June 28th, 2017 in Houston to an audience that were primarily petrochemical scientists from most major E&P operators such as Chevron and Conoco Philips, and Production Services companies such as Schlumberger and Baker-Hughes. The objective of the conference was to discuss key industry pain points from a technical point of view and the related sharing of experiences in mitigating them.