High-activity biosurfactant additives that sustainably boost the performance of completion fluids at a fraction of the dosage rates and cost


  • ROI on frack jobs
  • Oil mobility and recovery
  • Longevity of performance

It’s Time to Try
Something Different

Replace or supplement your current surfactants with multi-functional, cost-effective and sustainable biosurfactant solutions customized to your needs to exceed current results.


Do More with Less

Now more than the ever the industry needs to do more with less. That’s why we created SUSTAIN, a line of customized, green biosurfactant treatments that can be used as additives or stand-alone solutions to sustainably boost performance in fracturing and acidizing fluids.

Use a fraction of the volume.

SUSTAIN solutions act like synthetic surfactants but require significantly lower volumes and do far more for your wells.

Exceed ESG requirements.

The biodegradable and environmentally friendly treatments are safe for handling and improve your sustainability.

Save money.

Solutions are more cost-effective than standard additives, and maximize oil recovery and well performance—saving you money on treatment costs and getting you the most ROI on your frack jobs.

Profit from remediation and production benefits.

Each treatment reduces surface tension and IFT faster than synthetic chemicals and has a multitude of mechanisms of action to alter wettability, disperse waxes and asphaltenes, maximize oil mobility and increase production.

Get customized treatments.

Every SUSTAIN treatment is customized to your formation mineralogy and fluids, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Extend results.

SUSTAIN treatments have better stability at higher temperatures and salinity and unique absorption/adsorption qualities that extended performance time.

SUSTAIN is changing the way the industry approaches drilling & completion additives.

How It Works

Each SUSTAIN treatment has a multitude of mechanisms of action that can’t be matched by synthetic surfactants and chemicals:

1. Modifying Surface and Interfacial Properties

Reduces surface and interfacial tension of fluids at lower dosage rates than synthetic chemicals

2. Unique Adsorption/Desorption

Release from mineral surfaces is extended through unique adsorption/absorption properties

3. Alters Wettability

Alters wettability of rock surfaces to maximize oil mobility

4. Disperses Heavy Organics

Disperses heavy organics such as wax and asphaltenes

5. Assembles in Nanosize Micelles

Assembles in nanosize micelles to penetrate deeper into shale rock

6. Acts as a Non-Emulsifier

Non-emulsifying effect allows better oil water separation, resulting in no need for additional chemicals

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Every situation is unique. Every well has its own challenges. That’s why we use unique production technology to create solutions tailored to your needs—boosting performance and efficacy. We’ll build you a treatment program that works based on three things:


Standalone or additive?

SUSTAIN solutions can be developed for any application. Whether you’re looking for an additive to boost performance and improve sustainability or a stand-alone treatment with multiple mechanisms of action—we’ve got you covered.



From CMC to surface tension to non-emulsification capabilities—you tell us the property you want to address, and we’ll customize a treatment to do it.



Worried about cost? We can modify that, too. SUSTAIN additives are offered on a variety of pricing levels—from basic to premium—to  make sure you have the best fit.

Who says you have to sacrifice cost or sustainability for performance? SUSTAIN lets you have your cake and eat it too.

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