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We strive to offer the best in high-level, science-driven and sustainable solutions that bring new chemistry to the industry. How? By turning novel, highly-potent biosurfactants into safe, customized treatments for upstream oil applications. Each treatment is produced in a localized production center and optimized specifically for individual well conditions and regional challenges.

Our products:

Increase oil production rates

Disperse paraffin wax, asphaltenes and other organic deposits

Clean rods, tubing, pumps, flow lines and storage tanks

Return and maintain formations to a water-wet state

Award-Winning Technology

Our unique technologies are changing the future of well maintenance and assurance, and gaining national industry recognition for it.

Solving Top Oil Industry Challenges

Rapid declines in oil production and high-maintenance wells plague the oil industry, but solutions have been limited. Toxic treatment options can cause additional well damage, and the efficacy of traditional microbial-based treatments has been marginal at best.

Utilizing the scientific capabilities of its accelerator company, Locus Fermentation Solutions, Locus Bio-Energy solved the safety and efficacy problems by designing production methods that can rapidly develop and deliver customized, sustainable solutions that ensure maximum potency.

The non-GMO, non-living and environmentally-friendly biosurfactant solutions effectively address a wide variety of industry challenges, including improving well reliability and maximizing production while reducing risks.

The Locus Difference

While price-competitive with traditional treatments, our solutions provide unmatched financial benefits, including maximized production and exclusive tax breaks, along with the safety advantages of reduced down-times, less human exposure to hazardous conditions and being environmentally clean.

The proven biosurfactant formulations are produced from naturally-occurring, non-bacterial microbes that are non-toxic. Unlike other approaches, we do not inject living microbes nor nutrients into the wells we are treating.

We won’t promise to fix every problem, but we’ll promise to try. Bring us your toughest challenges and we’ll see if our science-based solutions can help.

Unique Biochemical Solutions Unmatched by Other Green Technologies

Our treatments outperform other current microbial solutions in benefits and results.

Standard Microbial Treatments
In-Situ Standard Injectable
Locus Bio-Energy
AssurEOR Treatments
Shut-in Time 6 months 1+ week Paraffin remediation: 0-2 days
Enhanced oil recovery: 2-7 days
Bio-Film Issues Yes Yes Inhibits
Bacterial Cultures Native Biota Generic No
Customization Not Possible Sometimes Rapid
Cost-Competitive With Non-Green Solutions Only for MEOR Sometimes Always
Typical Applications MEOR Paraffin dispersal, MEOR Multiple

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Treating Top Basins

Treatments began in March 2017 in the Appalachian basin—where some of the oldest wells in the country reside. Based on the impressive results, industry recognition and increasing demand, the award-winning biosurfactant products are now utilized in the Permian and Powder River basins—with additional growth into other areas in progress.

Appalachian Basin

Permian Basin

Powder River

Industry Involvement