Produced by Nature.

Perfected by Locus.

Meet ESG Goals Maximize Profitability Boost Production

Designed with
your oil well in mind.

Take oilfield operations to new levels of performance, profitability and sustainability with Locus Bio-Energy’s ESG-friendly and low-carbon biosurfactants–tailored to upstream and midstream oil and gas applications.


Boost oil production
and extend well life


Minimize cost per barrel
and maximize ROI


Meet ESG goals
and lower emissions

Disruptive Technology

With Purpose

Our proprietary bioinformatics and innovative production technology are transforming the oilfield with new multifunctional biosurfactants—at the desired price point and the required volumes previously unavailable to the industry. For the first time, biosurfactants can be customized and deployed at scale to solve the most pressing drilling, completions, production and midstream challenges.


Return on Investment


Month Treatment Payback

Locus Bio-Energy’s biosurfactants are globally recognized for outperforming traditional oilfield chemicals and surfactants at addressing the most pressing oil and gas challenges—at a fraction of the dosage rate and cost.

Save money.
Outperforms synthetic chemistries at significantly lower volumes for the highest ROI.

Profitably boost production rates.
Mobilizes oil faster and better with a multitude of mechanisms that boost performance

Customize treatments.
Custom-designed programs based on economics, and formation mineralogy and fluids to ensure maximum efficacy.

Extend results.
Excellent stability and unique qualities extend performance and well lifespan

Lower with Locus

Lower Carbon Per BarrelCost Per Barrel

Made with 100%
renewable raw materials

Locus’ biosurfactants are the first EOR technology certified to increase production and lower carbon intensity.  The novel, non-bacterial biosurfactant treatments are proven to lower financial and environmental risk. Extend well life with higher long-term production and a lower footprint. Achieve ESG targets and produce low-carbon barrels of oil at lower costs.

First EOR Technology Certified to Lower Carbon Intensity
Naturally Occurring. Non-Bacterial. Non-GMO. No Nutrients.

Biosurfactant Treatments

Praised by Customers and Industry Experts

D. Marc Jacobs, Jr. – Senior Vice PresidentPenneco Oil Company, Inc.

More effective than the chemicals in reducing paraffin on down-hole equipment with more consistent production.

Jack Chamberlain – OwnerOld South Oil, LLC

Outstanding products that really work, at a reasonable price, and recover your investment and production.

William Murray – Vice PresidentCrude Supply and Logistics

Improves Penn Grade legacy oil production and is providing solutions to enhance crude supply in the region.

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