Flow Assurance

 AssurEOR FLOW® 

Customizable biosurfactants that quickly and safely remove oil well wax to boost production rates

Turn Maintenance Into Profit

AssurEOR FLOW® biosurfactants are specifically designed as a pre-treatment to the AssurEOR STIM® enhanced oil recovery program to remove paraffin buildup, disperse organic deposits and remove reservoir blockages that stress mechanical components and cause performance challenges. It is a maintenance treatment that also boosts production rates and recoverable reserves—meaning it pays for itself.


Tailored for proven efficacy based on paraffin types and producing basin with little to no shut-in time


HSE-friendly, minimized flash point and toxicity issues, and higher efficacy over alternative chemical and mechanical methods


Lowers operating costs, keeps oil well wax dispersed and increases production for higher profitability

How It Works:


No Hydrocarbon Adverse Impacts Bacteria or Nutrients Corrosion Risks Compatibility Challenges Formation Limitations Well Failures

AssurEOR FLOW disperses wax and paraffins, keeping these contaminants in suspension. Resulting in unrestricted fluid flow through rods, tubing and nearby wellbore and surface production facilities.

Returns the reservoir to its “natural” water-wet state, offering added value through increases in oil and gas production.

Application is in the same manner as traditional paraffin well treatments, but with lower dosage rates, and without nutrients or the possibility of forming corrosive bio-films.

Oil Well Wax Dispersal with

Proven Performance

AssurEOR FLOW outperforms the oil industry’s most widely-used organic solvents. Our environmentally friendly paraffin control offers unmatched HSE, financial, and sustainability advantages over hazardous synthetic chemicals and/or other hot fluids. In addition to superior oil well wax dispersal, the biosurfactant treatments reduce LOE and consistently increase long-term production rates.

Before Treatment – Caked paraffin from hot oil treatments
After Treatment – Rods from well treated with oil well wax dispersal treatment AssurEOR FLOW

In independent laboratory tests, AssurEOR FLOW exceeded the oil well wax dispersion efficacy of Xylene and other solvents, significantly outperforming 3 competitive was dispersal samples.

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