Sludge Dispersant, Mud & Friction Reducer Cleaner


Biosurfactant-based cleaning solutions that quickly and efficiently remove compacted oily sludge and minimize friction reducer waste

Optimize Oilfield Cleaning. Minimize Cost.

AssurClean™ biosurfactants are proven to break up and remove the hardest oily deposits and friction reducers from oil storage and transportation infrastructure. These low-dosage, low-toxicity formulations effectively disperse and solubilize hydrocarbons, asphaltenes, paraffin and inorganic solids.

Keep your storage tanks, barges, railcars, pipelines, refinery systems, and workover tools clean and operating at peak levels.


Formulated to effectively remove oily sludge, solids and friction reducers from the full range of storage and transportation equipment


Delivers fast, effective sludge and solids dispersion and removal at lower treat rates and costs compared to conventional chemical treatments


Made from naturally sourced, biodegradable materials that deliver proven performance, and minimize HSE and toxicity risks

How It Works:


No toxic chemicals live microbes nutrients injected corrosion or oil acidity

AssurClean combines the proven deposit-removing performance of AVERT biosurfactant reservoir treatments with AssurEOR STIM® & SUSTAIN® stimulation functionalities:

Powerful surface cleaner

Through interfacial tension reduction, surface wettability alteration and non-emulsification

Breaks up deposits

Quickly and effectively disperses and suspends paraffins, asphaltenes and other organic deposits

Unrestricted flow

Turns immovable solids into flowable suspensions, reducing and simplifying cleaning processes

Friction Reducer Cleanup

Removes residual polymers and prevents them from inverting for easier cleaning

Immediate Mobility of Sludge & Solids

Oil-based mud and solids treated with AssurClean biosurfactants demonstrated immediate mobility compared to a conventional surfactant.

Highly Effective Friction Reducer Cleaning

AssurClean outperformed a traditional surfactant in cleaning residual high viscosity polyacrylamide friction reducers (HVFR).

How It Works: ISO Tank Friction Reducer Cleaning

See how AssurClean optimizes ISO tank cleaning, reduces labor time, saves on costs and generates post-cleaning revenue in three simple steps.

Case History: Crude Oil Tank Bottom Remediation


Bbls of oily solids removed


The time of a manual cleaning program


From recovered sellable oil and reduced downtime

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