Saltwater Disposal (SWD) Management


Biosurfactant-based saltwater disposal (SWD) management additives that increase water injection rates and maximize oil recovery

Boost SWD Efficiency and Profitability with FloBoost®

FloBoost® biosurfactant-based additives outperform traditional injectivity aids to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of saltwater disposal wells (SWDs). They maximize profitability by boosting injection rate efficacy and increasing skim oil recovery.

Higher ROI

Recover more resellable oil with lower dosage rates and costs


Easily integrated with existing SWD processes


Biodegradable and produced with a near-zero carbon footprint

How It Works:


No live microbes nutrients injected corrosion or oil acidity

FloBoost® biosurfactant additives have unique multifunctional abilities that:

Minimize filter change frequency

By increasing permeability of filter cake

Prevent plugging

By controlling iron and scale, and mitigating iron sulfide fouling (schmoo and sludge)

Remove emulsion blocks

By solubilizing and mobilizing paraffin, asphaltenes and other organic matter

Enhance disposal water injection rate

By reducing backpressure and enhancing throughput

Maximizes skim oil recovery

By water wetting the reservoir

FloBoost Exceeds Current Results

More water. Less Pressure.

increase in water filterability rate

In tests done on high-solids Permian saltwater disposal water

faster injection

In tests comparing FloBoost™ biosurfactant additives to traditional

Enhance Value. Amplify Revenue.

FloBoost biosurfactant additives maximize profitability of saltwater disposal wells by recovering more sellable skim oil, which often holds significant dollar value.

Easy Implementation.

FloBoost biosurfactant additives can be injected as a continuous treatment or in combination with acid remediation treatments. They can be used with scale control agents and/or biocides as a multifunctional product.

Did You Know…?


Barrels of salt water are produced for every barrel of crude oil


Barrels of salt water are produced for every million cubic feet of natural gas in the USA


Saltwater disposal wells are used to inject and store


Is spent per year in the US on additives to enhance saltwater disposal well injection efficiency

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