Enhanced Oil Recovery

 AssurEOR STIM® 

Customizable biosurfactants that optimize well stimulation for proven production increases and lower cost per BOE

Boost Well Economics

AssurEOR STIM® bio-based surfactants fill a market need for cost-effective and high-efficiency well stimulation. They have better sustainability and superior results, with a higher success rate compared to conventional oil well stimulation chemicals. (Such as chemical surfactants, acid treatments, or other methods.) AssurEOR STIM’s performance-boosting benefits reduce field operating expenses while increasing well production at lower dosage rates.

2018 Finalist award for World Oil Awards for flow assurance biosurfactant.
Northeast and Texas winner award for the 7th annual oil and gas awards.
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100% biodegradable biosurfactants meet or exceed ESG goals

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Optimize recoverable reserves and asset value

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Low capital costs and rapid results

How It Works:

No corrosion or oil acidity live microbes nutrients injected or minimal shut-in time

AssurEOR STIM’s synergistic blend of specialized biosurfactants and chelating agents are designed to boost oil and gas production by lowering interfacial tension, reducing the capillary pressure trapping oil, and leaving the formation near the wellbore in a water-wet state. They also remove scale and organic deposits and increase oil permeability in the production zone to increase overall hydrocarbon recovery.

About Biosurfactants

Ultimate Compatibility and Precision

AssurEOR STIM biosurfactant treatments are tailored to each well and have high tolerance to reservoir conditions, which ensures ultimate compatibility. In horizontal wells, AssurEOR STIM is delivered to the exact fracture using Comitt Well Solutions’ unique, patented EXCITE downhill tool for maximum penetration and production stimulation.

Proven Performance

Numerous studies across top U.S. basin confirm AssurEOR STIM’s ability to deliver substantial production increases—often for up to a year after treatment—with shortened payback periods and unmatched return on investments (ROI).

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Supplement Oil Well Stimulation Chemicals

Turn Maintenance Into Profit

AssurEOR FLOW® bio-based surfactants are specifically designed as a pre-treatment to the AssurEOR STIM® enhanced oil recovery program to remove paraffin buildup, disperse organic deposits and remove reservoir blockages that stress mechanical components and cause performance challenges. It is a maintenance treatment that also boosts production rates and recoverable reserves—meaning it pays for itself.