Case Study:

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Challenge: Declining Production
A Permian basin operator was looking for a cost-effective way to boost production from unconventional wells. The treatment had to deliver a rapid (3-6 month) payback period and sustained incremental production gains for up to one year.


• Unconventional
• Multi-Well Pad
• 155-Day Analysis

Post-Treatment Highlights

• >115% increase in oil production
• < 4 month treatment cost recovery
• > 1.5x return on investment (ROI)


AssurEOR STIM Biosurfactants

AssurEOR STIM® is an ESG-friendly, bio-based surfactant treatment proven to boost and sustain incremental oil production at a fraction of the dosage rate of traditional surfactants—thus delivering rapid payback and high ROI.


Based on comprehensive lab evaluation, the AssurEOR STIM treatment was anticipated to deliver a minimum 35% production increase over the well’s natural decline rate.

The actual results far exceeded predicted production increases…


Initially, AssurEOR STIM remediated the well and cleaned up near wellbore damage, opened up new portions of the fracture network and provided access to new reservoir fluids. Within six weeks, it more than doubled production in the one treated well and improved overall production of the entire lease.

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