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Next-Generation Biosurfactant Technology

Improved Performance and Oil Recovery

Locus Bio-Energy develops nature-derived and tailored biosurfactants, previously not available at scale in the oil & gas industry, and transforms them into cost-effective treatments optimized by application.

What Are Biosurfactants?

Oilfield chemical surfactants are used to enhance oil production. Biosurfactants are a class of natural, biosurfactants that are comprised of highly complex molecules with unmatched multifunctionality and sustainability. Despite 20+ years of extensive research and promising potential, biosurfactant adoption in the oilfield has been limited by prohibitive production costs and scalability until now…

Conventional oilfield chemical treatments are costly, can cause additional well damage and the efficacy has been marginal at best. ESG-friendly biosurfactants are made from renewable raw materials with a carbon-neutral footprint and industry-low OPEX.

Biosurfactant Benefits

Reach and mobilize more oil by penetrating into the tightest reservoir nanopores that other oilfield chemical treatments cannot reach


Better reservoir adsorption retention and slower desorption provides long-lasting results with a single treatment


Lower surface tension compared to conventional oilfield chemical surfactants, resulting in higher efficacy at lower dosage rates

Proven performance in the toughest U.S. basins, with high temperature and high TDS stability

How It Works
Biosurfactants have unique mechanisms of action that cannot be matched by synthetic surfactants and oilfield chemicals:
Oilfield chemicals vs biosurfactants surface tension test on a flower petal.

Image Caption: Locus Bio-Energy Biosurfactants (pictured on left petal) penetrates deeply into any surface, while Competitor Surfactants (pictured on right petal) does not absorb.

Modifying Surface and Interfacial Properties

Reduces surface and interfacial tension of fluids at lower dosage rates than synthetic oilfield chemicals

Unique Adsorption/Desorption

Release from mineral surfaces is extended through unique adsorption/absorption properties

Alters Wettability

Alters wettability of rock surfaces to maximize oil mobility

Disperses Heavy Organics

Disperses heavy organics such as wax and asphaltenes

Assembles in Nanosize Micelles

Assembles in nanosize micelles to penetrate deeper into shale rock

Acts as a Non-Emulsifier

Non-emulsifying effect allows better oil water separation, resulting in no need for additional oilfield chemicals


Custom Designed Treatments

Standalone or Additive
  • Our biosurfactants can be developed for any application—from additives to boost performance and improve sustainability or stand-alone treatments with multiple mechanisms of action.
  • From CMC to surface tension to non-emulsification capabilities—we tailor our biosurfactants based on properties.
  • Our biosurfactant treatments are offered at a variety of pricing levels—from basic to premium—to meet each operators’ economics.

Proven Performance

Locus BE’s sustainable biosurfactants have field-proven across top U.S. basins to boost oil production while minimizing safety and environmental concerns associated with oilfield chemicals.

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