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SPE Recognizes Locus Bio-Energy Solutions’ Amir Mahmoudkhani for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Oilfield Operations

Dr. Mahmoudkhani received the SPE Regional Production and Operations award from the
Society of Petroleum Engineers-Gulf Coast Section (SPE-GCS) for oilfield operations contributions.

HOUSTON (August 11, 2021) Dr. Amir Mahmoudkhani, Director of Technology for Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, was recently awarded an SPE Regional Production and Operations Award by the Society of Petroleum Engineers-Gulf Coast Section (SPE-GCS). The award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to advancing production and field operations through technology and service, was presented to Dr. Mahmoudkhani at the 2021 SPE Gulf Coast Section Scholarship and Awards Banquet in Houston.

SPE Recognizes Locus Bio-Energy Solutions’ Amir Mahmoudkhani for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Oilfield OperationsDr. Mahmoudkhani has served the exploration and production sector of the industry, in both the Gulf Coast region and around the globe, with his solid expertise in oilfield chemistry. Over the course of more than 20 years, he has contributed to optimizing oilfield operations in technical roles that include R&D, application development, project management, as a member of various joint industry programs (JIPs), and as adjunct professor at the University of Alberta.

Most notable is his current role with Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, where Mahmoudkhani and his world-class science team use proprietary production technology and deep oilfield application expertise to develop environmentally friendly biosurfactant solutions that drive step-change improvements to well performance, sustainability and field economics. The net-zero carbon solutions are tailored for use in a range of oilfield applications—including hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery. Mahmoudkhani is responsible for leading and coordinating all major projects for the novel biosurfactant technologies—from reservoir to refinery.

In addition to his work boosting production and meeting ESG goals with biosurfactants, Dr. Mahmoudkhani is the author of more than 30 published SPE papers on topics including environmentally friendly paraffin and asphaltene inhibitors, and biosurfactants for EOR optimization, offshore water treatment and scale control. He has also served on a number of SPE conference technical committees over the past decade.

The annual SPE-GCS Awards Banquet recognizes scholarship winners, SPE Legion of Honor inductees and award winners for the Gulf Coast North America region. This year’s banquet featured Vicki Hollub, President and Chief Executive Officer of Occidental, as the keynote speaker. Hollub discussed the future of oil and gas production in supplying global demands for energy in sustainable ways, and Oxy’s commitment to reaching a target of being a net-zero carbon emitter in its oilfield operations by 2040.

SPE Recognizes Locus Bio-Energy Solutions’ Amir Mahmoudkhani for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Oilfield Operations

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions is uniquely positioned to help oil and gas operators navigate the path to net-zero production. The company’s non-GMO, low-CAPEX biosurfactant solutions provide an immediately implementable tool to help operators improve well reliability and double production, while substantially lowering scope 1 emissions—with no HSE issues. And because they can be administered at a fraction of the dose of conventional oilfield surfactants, the biosurfactants reduce toxicity, treatment costs and provide a 2-3x return on investment (ROI).

A full list of award winners can be found on the Journal of Petroleum Technology website. For further information on Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, please visit LocusBioEnergy.com.

About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions®
Locus Bio-Energy Solutions® (Locus BE) is an oil innovation company committed to offering the best in high-level, science-driven and sustainable solutions to the oil and gas industry. Utilizing the scientific capabilities of our accelerator company, Locus Fermentation Solutions, Locus Bio-Energy turns novel, highly-potent biosurfactants into safe, customized treatments for upstream oil and gas applications. Our non-GMO, non-living, environmentally friendly biosurfactants address a wide variety of the industry’s most pressing challenges, including improving well reliability and long-term production while reducing risks, environmental impact, and costs. The biosurfactant treatments are made from 100% renewable resources and have been proven to replace and outperform synthetic chemicals at a fraction of the dosage rates and cost, with a 2-3x ROI. For more information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.