Maximize Profitability
with ESG-Friendly
Biosurfactant Technology

Boost oil production
of both newly fracked and mature wells

Replace and outperform
traditional Completions and Production chemicals with renewable treatments

Reduce total cost
of operations while boosting sustainability and performance

Do More With Less

We’re dedicated to driving sustainability and increased productivity across the industry through the use of non-GMO, non-bacterial biosurfactants that significantly outperform traditional production and completion chemicals.

Our sustainable technology has been field proven in over 300 wells  in the US for its ability to boost oil production while minimizing safety and environmental concerns.


Save Millions in Taxes

The only green biosurfactant treatments approved as a tertiary EOR technology by the Texas RRC, qualifying users for millions of dollars annually in state tax incentives.

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Biosurfactants: Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus.

Using proprietary bioinformatics and disruptive fermentation technologies, we utilize nature-derived biosurfactants previously not available at the price point and volumes required to deploy at scale in the oil & gas industry, and turn them into highly cost-effective oilfield Completions and Production chemicals.

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Replace Synthetic Chemicals

Replace traditional surfactants at up to 100X lower effective concentrations

91% lower toxicity than Alkyl Ethoxylate surfactants

Maximize Oil Recovery

Mobilize more oil from existing wells without the need to refrac, extending the life and Economic Ultimate Recovery (EUR)

45%+ higher oil production obtained in over 300 U.S. conventional and unconventional wells

Decarbonize Operations 

Reduce Scope 1 emissions by minimizing new drilling and lowering use of water, sand, deliveries and diesel

37% lower carbon footprint

Exceed ESG Goals

Minimize down-times, limit human exposure to hazardous chemicals and solvents and reduce environmental impact with our sustainable, HSE-friendly treatments

100% biodegradable within 30 days

Award-Winning Biosurfactant Treatment Program

Our globally recognized ESG solutions are tailored to address pain points in well maintenance, flow assurance, enhanced oil recovery, completions and more.


Paraffin Dispersal

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidizing

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Wax & Asphaltene Deposition Control

Injectivity Aids for SWDs

Unmatched Multifunctionality

Each customized, non-bacterial treatment offers significant environmental and performance advantages over competing technologies without the downsides of combining multiple solutions.

Lower Dosage Rates

Reduces surface and interfacial tensions lower and faster than the best synthetic chemicals available at as little as 1/50th of the dosage rate

Extended Results

Unique absorption and desorption qualities extend performance over time vs. synthetic surfactants

Minimal Shut-In Time

Outperforms other commercial products in dispersing and preventing blockages, with shut-in times as low as a few hours



“The solutions stood out for me as they minimize safety concerns whilst maximizing well performance and offer many of the benefits that could previously only be achieved by combining multiple, different solutions.”

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Bring us your challenges, and we will develop a treatment program to help.

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