Innovative Biosurfactant
Solutions for
Oil & Gas Applications

Significant increases in
recoverable reserves and well production rates

The most effective
surface-active agents in the
oil industry

Green treatments
with proven profits

Save Millions in Taxes

The only green biosurfactant treatments approved as a tertiary EOR technology, qualifying users for millions of dollars annually in state tax incentives.

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The Future of
Production Technology

We’re dedicated to developing high-potency and low-toxicity biosurfactant treatments giving “Best-in-Class” performance while minimizing safety, environmental and spill concerns. These non-GMO, renewable solutions have never been used at scale in the oil industry to date.

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Biosurfactants: Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus.

We use the world’s most proven biosurfactants that previously were not economically viable for the oil & gas industry. Every treatment is tailored to match your precise production system conditions. Bring us your problems, and we will develop a treatment program to help.

Our proprietary bioinformatics and disruptive fermentation technologies deliver
unmatched benefits.

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Outperform Chemicals

More potent and cost-effective than traditional production chemicals without the toxicity and HSE issues, along with numerous additional production and financial benefits

Top in Safety

100% of our product solutions are environmentally green and HSE-friendly, allowing for reduced down-times, less human exposure to hazards and lower environmental impact


Solutions are produced from naturally-occurring, non-GMO microbes and treatment programs contain no live cells or nutrients

World-Class Expertise

Our management and technical teams have years of experience developing biosurfactants for oilfield applications to deliver benefits that surpass those of conventional treatments

Introducing The Award-Winning AssurEOR Treatment Program

Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus.

The AssurEOR treatment program, named for its impressive enhanced oil recovery effect, consists of two paraffin remediation to optimize production—AssurEOR FLOW™ for superior paraffin dispersal and production improvements, and AssurEOR STIM™ for high-impact and long-lasting well stimulation.

Reduce Surface Tension

Reduces the surface tension of water significantly from 72 mN/M to below 25 mN/M, compared to 35 mN/M using the best synthetic chemicals available today

Maximize Asset Values

Increases well production, the ultimate recoverable reserves and consequently, the asset value of E&P companies

“The AssurEOR solutions stood out for me as they minimize safety concerns whilst maximizing well performance and offer many of the benefits that could previously only be achieved by combining multiple, different solutions.”

Oil & Gas Awards Judge


Paraffin Dispersal

Outperforms the oil industry’s most widely-used organic solvents to disperse even the toughest paraffin deposits and produce valuable paraffin with crude oil to maximize sales volume. Also removes other organic deposits, associated scale, polymer debris and emulsion blocks from producing zones, and returns reservoirs to their “natural” water-wet state, resulting in significant production increases averaging up to 50%.

  • Effective on all 200+ paraffin types tested and in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Does not push paraffin further into the formation like thermal treatments
  • Applied the same way as traditional treatments, but requires zero or minimal shut-in
  • Minimizes operating costs by reducing well workovers
  • Can be used for paraffin removal from water floods, tanks and pipelines

Customer Concern:

Paraffin deposits build up in production tubing at low temperatures.

Status Quo Solution:

Inhibitors that reduce, but don’t eliminate deposits; techniques such as hot oiling that mobilize wax into the reservoir and may cause blockages that can reduce oil and gas production


A non-toxic, highly-effective wax dispersant that safely disperses paraffin from rods & tubing, increasing production while reducing operating costs by delaying or eliminating well workovers


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Used with AssurEOR FLOW to stimulate the well and return the wellbore region to its “natural” water-wet state, maximizing production with consistent increases of up to 400%. Offers compelling financial benefits, and has a higher success rate than competing technologies with none of the downsides.

  • Proven efficacy demonstrated across many formations and reservoir conditions
  • Increases recoverable reserves and asset value
  • Shores up balance sheets by increasing collateral for borrowing
  • Very short shut-in times (2-7 days)
  • Single treatments have been effective over extended production periods (up to a year)

Customer Concern:

Unconventional wells are known for rapid decline rates (as high as 70% in the first year) as oil cannot flow easily through ultra-low-permeability rock such as shale

Status Quo Solution:

Hydraulic fracturing techniques, which can negatively affect production in neighboring wells reducing the ultimate recoverable reserves


Used with AssurEOR FLOW to stimulate and return the reservoir to its “natural” water-wet state, resulting in increased oil and gas production, with a higher success rate (over 70%) than other technologies (typically 20-30%)

Put your trust in our experts and biosurfactant technology. We’ll work together to build a
science-backed treatment program that you have confidence in.

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