Highly-effective paraffin remediation providing
additional production increases of

up to

Key Differentiators

  • Customized to paraffin type
  • Non-bacterial with no possibility of forming corrosive bio-films
  • Little to no shut-in time or nutrients pumped
  • No technical or safety issues with processing crude oil at refineries

Unparalleled Benefits

  • Improves the condition of flowlines & storage tanks
  • Increases production and recoverable reserves
  • Reduces operating costs

Maintenance Becomes

AssurEOR FLOW paraffin remediation treatments are specifically designed to remove paraffin buildup, disperse deposits and remove reservoir blockages that stress mechanical components and reduce production rates. When placed in contact with the producing formation, treatments return the reservoir to its “natural” water-wet state, resulting in increased oil and gas production.

AssurEOR FLOW is the only maintenance product that also increases production rates over baseline and recoverable reserves—meaning the treatments often pay for themselves. The HSE-friendly products are 100% biodegradable, low-toxicity and applied in the same manner as traditional well treatments.

caked paraffin

Before Treatment
Caked paraffin from hot oil treatments

well treated

After Treatment
Rods from well treated with AssurEOR FLOW

Proven Results

AssurEOR FLOW shows consistent positive results in paraffin dispersal, reduced LOE and production increases across well types and basins—benefits proven through a multitude of case studies.

When placed in contact with the producing formation, AssurEOR FLOW demonstrates clear, sustained, long-term increases in production rates.

A 70-well production case study in the Appalachian Basin on a mix
of horizontal and vertical wells.

Results Show:

470% increase in 2-year production

70% increase in production volume

36% decrease in annual decline rate

58,000 barrels of incremental oil produced

No well failures due to paraffin accumulation during length of the study

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In independent laboratory tests, AssurEOR FLOW exceeded the wax dispersion efficacy of Xylene and other solvents, significantly
outperforming 3 competitive dispersant samples.

About the AssurEOR FLOW

Offers enhanced production effect not seen with other paraffin dispersal technologies

  • Biosurfactants penetrate the nearby wellbore, reduce IFT and alter wettability of rock close to the wellbore to ease oil access and flow from pores
  • Biochemicals created during fermentation lower viscosity of crude oil, enabling easier flow out of the pores
  • Biochemicals can dissolve bio-polymers, such as polylactic acid (PLA) and guar, that might be blocking parts of the formation

Multiple mechanisms of action

  • Biosurfactants penetrate into the paraffin, increasing surface area for more effective dispersion
  • Disperses and liquefies paraffin through biosurfactant and solvent action
  • Liquefied paraffin is dissolved into crude oil production stream
  • No adverse impact on hydrocarbon profile or increase in acidity of crude oil

Ultimate compatibility

  • Does not contain any bacteria, eliminating any risk of corrosion through the formation of corrosive biofilms

No risk of corrosion

  • Effective in shallow and deep vertical wells, long and short horizontal wells, water floods and pipelines, and testing for offshore wells
  • Tolerant of high salinities, extreme bottom-hole temperatures, variabilities in porosities and permeabilities

Superior To All Traditional Paraffin
Dispersal Technologies

  AssurEOR FLOW Hot Water Hot Oil Hot Solvent Condensate Chemicals
Reduces corrosive biofilms
Cleans flowlines and storage tank bottoms
Reduces LOE through less frequent treatments & stripping jobs
Progressively dissolves bio-polymers from previous hydraulic fracs
Causes no issue with spills or worker safety

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  AssurEOR FLOW Hot Water Hot Oil Hot Solvent Condensate Chemicals
Increases oil and gas production
Qualifies for severance tax breaks or credits
Preserves deep rights by keeping marginal wells on production
Increases recoverable reserves

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