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Biosurfactants are a specific class of bio-based surfactants that are naturally derived. Fermentation-produced biosurfactants offer significant advantages over synthetic surfactants and other bio-based surfactants. These include unmatched multifunctionality, boosted performance, better environmental compatibility and superior stability.

Boost Production

Biosurfactants can immediately and sustainably boost oil recovery by 40% or more for a fraction of the cost of other methods

Maximize Profitability

Biosurfactants can get greater production and revenues over well lifespan to maximize ROI and royalties on investments

Extend Well Life

Biosurfactants can reduce the need for drilling, fracs and abandonments by getting more out of new and existing assets

Meet ESG Compliance

Biosurfactants can stay in compliance with new SEC rule changes on climate related risks and GHG emission disclosures

Cleaner Fossil Fuels

Biosurfactants can create the cleanest fossil fuels

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Director of Technology
Dr. Megan Pearl


(Presenting during Greener: Heard at the Frac on Tuesday, May 17 at 4:30 p.m.)

Permian Regional Director at Locus Bio Energy Solutions, Corey Petro
Permian Regional Director
Cory Petro


Technical Services Director at Locus Bio Energy Solutions, Marty Shumway
Technical Services Director
Marty Shumway


VP, Business Development
Walter Fortin


VP, Sales and Strategy at Locus Bio Energy Solutions, Tom Swanson
VP, Sales & Strategy
Tom Swanson


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