Proven well stimulation treatment resulting
in production increases of

up to

Key Differentiators

  • Biochemical-based, near-wellbore treatment
  • Very short shut-in times
  • Higher success rate (>70%) than contemporary technology (20-30%)
  • No live microbes present in product, nor are any nutrients injected

Unparalleled Benefits

  • Substantially and consistently increases production
  • Significantly increases recoverable reserves and asset value
  • Does not cause corrosion or increase oil acidity

Cost-Effective and

AssurEOR STIM fills a market need for a cost-effective and high-efficiency well stimulation treatment. It has higher potency and efficacy than contemporary technologies, such as chemical surfactants, acid treatments or other methods.

Used after preflushing with AssurEOR FLOW, AssurEOR STIM is designed to increase oil and gas production by reducing interfacial tension and leaving the formation near the wellbore in a water-wet state. It helps to remove scale and organic deposits and increases oil permeability in the production zone resulting in oil production increases from 50-400%.

and Precision

AssurEOR STIM is effective in both horizontal and vertical wells across most formations, operating depths, permeabilities and porosities.

In horizontal wells, the use of Comitt’s unique, patented EXCITE downhill tool ensures AssurEOR STIM is delivered exactly to the fracture to ensure maximum penetration and production stimulation.

AssurEOR STIM Treatment Delivery in Horizontal Wells

Multiple Mechanisms of Action

Decreases IFT, surface
tension and viscosity

The unique combination of biosurfactants and solvents allows for the reduction of interfacial tension (IFT) between oil and water, as well as reduction in oil viscosity allowing the oil to have increased mobility in the reservoir. AssurEOR STIMhas a very low effective critical micelle concentration allowing for very efficient reduction in surface tension of produced water.

Wettability alteration
of produced water

Efficiently recovers hydrocarbons from the accessible reservoir rock by altering wettability—helping water to imbibe from fractures into matrix blocks to displace oil out.

Wax and scale removal
from formation

Helps disperse and remove paraffin waxes and other organic deposits, including scale attached to the waxes, which improves flow.

Superior Economics To Traditional
EOR Reservoir Flooding Technology

Thermal, gas and chemical (surfactant and/or polymer) injection flooding methods are quite expensive and difficult to optimize, while traditional Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) methods have not delivered upon expectations. AssurEOR STIM overcomes these challenges.

  • Higher Tolerance to Reservoir Conditions
  • Up to 90°C / 194°F
  • Down to pH of 2
  • Down to 15 mD permeability
  • Up to 15% salinity
  • Low Capital Costs/Rapid Results
  • Does not require extra equipment
  • Quick production response
  • Naturally friendly to the environment