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Welcome to our 45th episode of the Invest with James West Podcast series. Today we have with us Jonathan Rogers, CEO of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions. The company was formed only a few years ago by the guys that invented probiotics, with Jon joining in 2018 after a 30+ year career in the energy business. He spent 9 years as the global technology director for BP before serving as the Global Head of Oilfield Services at Clariant.

Hydrates are a massive issue in the energy industry with no best-in-class solution. While the industry has historically relied on surfactants to change the interface between oil/water and oil/rock, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions is pioneering the use of biosurfactants made naturally by microbes. Biosurfactants offer several advantages over normal surfactants and the company has a range of products ready to help the shale industry reverse production declines at a fraction of the price of drilling new wells. Add to that the possibility of tax credits in Texas and it’s a winning formula for both the company and industry.