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Biosurfactant Selected for Utica Shale Completion Program After Outperforming Top Surfactants in Third-Party Testing

Locus Bio-Energy’s SUSTAIN® biosurfactant outperformed nine competitor surfactants, leading Utica Resource Operating LLC to select it for the 2023 completion program in the Appalachian basin

HOUSTON (July 12, 2023) – Marietta-Ohio based Utica Resource Operating LLC has selected Locus Bio-Energy® (Locus BE) to supply a novel, biosurfactant-based solution for a multi-well completion program. The selection for Ohio’s Utica shale play of the Appalachian basin was made based on a combination of cost and performance. Results from Utica’s third-party qualification testing on 10 surfactants showed that Locus BE’s SUSTAIN® line of multifunctional, sustainable biosurfactant-based hydraulic fracturing surfactants outperformed other established competitive surfactants at test loadings of both 1 and 0.5 gallon per 1,000 gallons of fluid (gpt).

Locus biosurfactants: a clear winner in the lab and the field for Utica shale completions

Testing began with Locus BE’s technology team in The Woodlands, Texas, conducting an initial surfactant assessment. Representative crude oil and produced water samples supplied by Utica Resource were used to identify the best performing product from the SUSTAIN line of biosurfactant-based solutions.

Locus biosurfactants outperformed nine leading surfactants in third-party testing for Utica shale completion program

Utica Resource Operating invited Locus to submit samples of SUSTAIN SF101 to participate in a larger surfactant third-party lab performance evaluation. The results were used to guide their selection process for the completion program. SUSTAIN SF101 was one of 10 surfactants submitted for independent, third-party testing. Its performance was tested versus surfactants provided by established surfactant suppliers in the industry, including incumbent chemistries Utica Resource has used historically.

SUSTAIN SF101 was the top performer at a loading of 0.5 gpt of fluid. The performance metrics used for selection demonstrated the ability to mobilize more oil.

“We created the SUSTAIN line of biosurfactants to help oil and gas operators essentially do more with less,” said Marty Shumway, Senior Vice President for Locus BE. “These third-party test results confirmed that SUSTAIN can do just that—deliver more oil with less chemical and cost while reducing environmental footprint of the overall chemical program.”

Growing Utica Shale play increases demand for production-boosting surfactants

Condensate and light oil producing regions of Ohio’s Utica shale play have seen a rise in activity. This has been, spurred by recent investments by some operators that have led to significant discoveries. For its part, Utica Resource’s drilling activities in Ohio’s Guernsey county have delivered wells that put the company on a path to improving well performance and achieving their production goals as they continue to develop their acreage position.

“Using SUSTAIN biosurfactant-based chemistries as part of Utica’s completion fluids will go a long way to build a better well,” Shumway said.

Utica Resource recently completed an 812-stage completion program on 11 wells using SUSTAIN SF101. In addition to SUSTAIN SF101, Locus Bio-Energy also provided ancillary chemicals for the program including a scale inhibitor and biocide.

To learn more about SUSTAIN and other biosurfactant-based chemistries, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.


About Locus Bio-Energy

Locus Bio-Energy is an innovation leader committed to offering the best in science-driven and sustainable oilfield chemistries to the oil and gas industry. Utilizing the scientific capabilities of our accelerator company, Locus Fermentation Solutions, Locus Bio-Energy turns novel biosurfactants with a near-zero carbon footprint into sustainable treatments tailored for upstream and midstream applications. Our non-living, environmentally friendly biosurfactants address a wide variety of the industry’s most pressing challenges, including improving well reliability and long-term production while decreasing risk, environmental impact and costs. The biosurfactant treatments are made from 100% renewable resources and have been proven to replace or boost synthetic chemicals at a fraction of the dosage rates and cost, with a 2-3x ROI. For further information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.