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Judges praise the “impressive results” of the AssurEOR well maintenance and oil recovery treatment program in increasing production and safety

SOLON, Ohio—March 21, 2019— Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ (Locus Bio-Energy), the biotech company whose AssurEOR line of biochemical treatments for oil wells has substantially improved production in the Appalachian and Permian Basins, received the New Technology Development of the Year Award in the 2019 Northeast Oil & Gas Awards. The announcement was made at the Northeast region’s finalist gala in Pittsburgh.

Judges cited the AssurEOR program’s “impressive results”, noting that Locus Bio-Energy stood out for minimizing safety concerns while maximizing well performance and offered many benefits that could previously only be achieved by combining multiple different solutions. The company demonstrated that the AssurEOR treatment program successfully achieves production increases between 50-500%, with lower than average well failures.

“Being recognized in the Oil & Gas Awards is another tremendous achievement for Locus Bio-Energy and reaffirms that we have truly differentiating technology,” said Jonathan Rogers, CEO of Locus Bio-Energy. “There’s been an undeniable need for new innovations that can successfully increase production and safety, and we firmly believe AssurEOR’s success in both will drive its position as the future of production technology.”

The AssurEOR treatment program consists of AssurEOR FLOW™ for paraffin dispersal, well/rod cleaning, skin damage repair and surface tension reduction, and AssurEOR STIM™ for well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery. Each non-GMO treatment is tailored to the well and region, and all products use non-living, nonbacterial biochemical blends that are custom-fermented for maximum efficacy—factors unique to the Locus Bio-Energy approach.

“We’re at the forefront of performance shift in the way the industry approaches well maintenance and oil recovery, and we’re honored to be recognized for our safety and innovation,” Rogers said.

The award-winning AssurEOR treatment program is currently available in the Appalachian and Permian basins, with trial treatments underway in the Powder River basin. To learn more, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.


About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, LLC

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™, LLC offers patent-pending treatments based on the by-products of non-GMO microorganisms for oil applications that are cost-competitive, biodegradable and safer than current chemical and traditional treatments, with even better results. A world-class team of R&D scientists have solved many of the problems plaguing other biological product-based treatments with the development of AssurEOR FLOW™ and AssurEOR STIM™. The products include customized treatments optimized for specific well conditions for enhanced oil recovery, wellbore cleaning, and paraffin wax and asphaltene dispersal, including the cleaning of rods, pipelines and flow lines, casings and solidified storage tank bottoms. For more information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.