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AVERT® Sustainable Dispersants Outperform BTEX Solvents and Boost Oil Production

locus avert dispersants

Novel biosurfactant additives from Locus Bio-Energy Solutions enhance removal of paraffin waxes, asphaltenes and oily solids at a fraction of the dosage of conventional remediation products 

HOUSTON (September 12, 2022) Locus Bio-Energy Solutions® is expanding its family of biosurfactant-based remediation products with the AVERT® line of dispersants and solvents. Designed as a single-phase application, AVERT delivers superior dispersal of a broad range of co-deposited paraffin waxes, asphaltenes, and other organic deposits compared to conventional BTEX chemistries and mechanical methods. The novel dispersants boost profits by lowering dosage rates while providing proven increases in flowability and oil production.

AVERT Reduces Oilfield Reliance on BTEX Solvents Facing Tightened Regulations

AVERT is an environmentally sustainable and multifunctional additive that can reduce the use of BTEX solvents (products containing benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene or xylene). The oil & gas industry has historically relied on BTEX solvents to dissolve and disperse paraffins and asphaltenes in older wells, tanks, production lines and processing equipment. While they are effective sustainable dispersants, these naturally crude oil components are considered chemicals of concern and can be harmful to the environment and human health. As a result, regulatory authorities in states like Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, Texas and Ohio are placing more stringent guidelines on using BTEX solvents in oilfield operations.

AVERT features novel biosurfactants made from non-toxic, naturally biodegradable feedstocks and are carbon neutral. The sustainable dispersants are applicable to both water and hydrocarbon systems, allowing operators to implement treatment solutions that can completely avoid BTEX solvents. And because it works effectively without adding heat, AVERT lowers an operator’s carbon footprint by avoiding the need for hot oil truck treating—reducing energy costs at the same time.

“AVERT is specifically designed to meet the industry’s needs for efficient and sustainable oily wax and organic solids dispersion and clean up, while reducing the need for hydrocarbons or BTEX solvents,” says Dr. Megan Pearl, Director of Technology at Locus Bio-Energy Solutions. “The introduction of AVERT is critical at a time when many oil-producing states continue to limit BTEX usage, and when BTEX availability for paraffin control is in short supply—which drives up their costs.”

AVERT solvent-compatible biosurfactants boost the performance of traditional paraffin dispersants on a South Texas paraffin at low inclusion rates.

AVERT Dispersants Transform Oilfield Approach to Remediation

AVERT has unique mechanisms of action that provide operators with unmatched multifunctionality and financial benefits. The dispersants successfully address the most pressing paraffin and organic solids challenges by:

Boosting oil production.

In addition to preventing organic deposit buildup, AVERT products return the reservoir to its natural water-wet state. This provides added value by increasing oil and gas production. They also improve the condition of flow lines and storage tanks for more efficient throughput.

Offering flexible delivery.

AVERT treatments are applied in the same manner as traditional asphaltene and paraffin wax dispersants, with unique non-emulsifying properties when used in a solvent package at remedial concentrations. They are easily applied to water-based diluents to replace BTEX solvents for lower costs and environmental risks.

Improving profitability.

AVERT products work effectively at a fraction of the treatment dosage of typical solvents. And in addition to boosting reservoir recovery for added revenue, the products recover merchantable hydrocarbon (paraffin) that can be sold to a pipeline or downstream refinery.

Oil & Gas Operators See Success in Downhole, Water Flood and Pipeline Applications

Use of AVERT successfully prevented the frequency and number of pigging operations in a crude oil pipeline system. In a downhole application, AVERT reduced pressure on rods and at the surface to remediate paraffin solids in the separation vessels. In a water flood injection application, AVERT mobilized organics in the wellbore for increased water injectivity and productivity boosts in producing wells.

The AVERT line is available now for distribution across U.S. oil basins. They can be used as standalone sustainable dispersants or as an additive for multifunctional products. For more information or to become a distributor, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.

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About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions® Locus Bio-Energy Solutions is an oil innovation company committed to offering the best in high-level, science-driven and sustainable solutions to the oil and gas industry. Utilizing the scientific capabilities of our accelerator company, Locus Fermentation Solutions, Locus Bio-Energy turns novel biosurfactants into safe, customized treatments for upstream and midstream oil and gas applications. Our non-living, environmentally friendly biosurfactants address a wide variety of the industry’s most pressing challenges, including improving well reliability and long-term production of cleaner fossil fuels. The biosurfactant treatments are carbon-neutral and made from 100% renewable resources. They have been proven to replace and outperform synthetic chemicals at a fraction of the dosage rates and cost, with a 2-3x ROI. For further information on Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and our ability to help produce low-carbon, low-cost barrels of oil, please visit LocusBioEnergy.com.