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Oil innovation startup will present on the profitability and sustainability of its AssurEOR treatment program 

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (September 10, 2019) Experts from oil innovation company, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, have been invited to showcase the startup’s award-winning production technology at this week’s Rice Alliance Energy and Clean Tech Venture Forum. The event will highlight the latest emerging technologies, including the AssurEOR green treatment program, which safely and cost-effectively boosts oil well production by 50-200% in declining wellslowering maintenance costs and reducing the need for new drilling 

Known as the largest energy and clean technology venture capital conference in the southwest, the forum features promising companies like Locus Bio-Energy that are moving the energy sector forward in innovationThe startup has quickly gained notoriety for its development of environmentally-friendly biosurfactant solutions for the oil and gas industry that minimize safety concerns while maximizing well performance   

Biosurfactants have tremendous potential to significantly increase cost performance in the oil industry and deliver superior environmental stewardship,” said Jonathan Rogers, CEO of Locus Bio-Energy. “They are the future of oilfield chemistry, and we applaud Rice Alliance for providing a forum to showcase Locus Bio-Energy’s production technology, which enables their utilization to improve the sustainability and economic viability of wells.” 

Named for its enhanced oil recovery effect, Locus Bio-Energy’s AssurEOR treatment program includes two biosurfactant-based products for use in upstream oil applicationsAssurEOR FLOW™, a paraffin remediation and wellbore cleaning treatment, and AssurEOR STIM™, an enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation treatment. Both treatments are non-toxic yet highly potent, customizable to individual applications and offer significant increases in recoverable reserves and production rates 

The treatment program’s ability to extend the life of current wells and offer benefits previously only achievable by combining multiple different solutions resulted in its selection as New Technology Development of the Year winner in the Oil & Gas Awards. It proves that environmentally-friendly solutions can be effective and profitable, and that safety can be increased without losing efficacy.  

The Energy and Clean tech Venture Forum will take place on September 11th in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit the forum siteTo learn more about Locus Bio-Energy’s award winning technology and results from the AssurEOR treatment programvisit LocusBioEnergy.com. 

Biosurfactants: Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus. 


About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ offers patent-pending, award-winning biosurfactant treatment program for oil applications that is cost-competitive, biodegradable and safer than current chemical and traditional treatments, with even better results. A world-class team of R&D scientists have solved many of the problems plaguing other biological-based products with the development of AssurEOR FLOW and AssurEOR STIM. The treatments are optimized for specific well conditions for enhanced oil recovery, wellbore cleaning, and paraffin wax and asphaltene remediation, including the cleaning of rods, pipelines and flow lines, casings and solidified storage tank bottoms. For more information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.