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The environmentallyfriendly treatments from Locus Bio-Energy Solutions offer substantial improvements in oil recovery and operational safety

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (August 22, 2019) AssurEOR, a new green paraffin remediation and reservoir stimulation treatment program from oil innovation company Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ (Locus Bio-Energy), has been selected as a finalist for the New Technology Development of the Year honor in the Texas Oil & Gas Awards. The environmentally–friendly line of treatments, which won the category in the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards earlier this year, is being lauded as a truly novel oilfield chemistry that safely and cost-effectively maximizes the performance of declining wells, reducing the need for new drilling to maintain production rates.

Locus Bio-Energy’s AssurEOR program has caught the attention of the industry for its unique utilization of the world’s most proven biosurfactants, previously only used in large volumes in personal care and high–end household cleaning products. Using patented modular fermentation technology, the company can economically manufacture these highly–effective, natural products at scale—bringing unsurpassed performance, sustainability and profitability to oil production. Each ultra-potent treatment is optimized to individual wells and offers benefits typically not achievable with traditional petrochemical surfactants, including successful paraffin remediation and well stimulation.


The environmentally-friendly AssurEOR treatment program won New Technology Development of the Year in the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards earlier this year.

“Locus Bio-Energy’s AssurEOR program has made tremendous strides in shifting the oil industry’s perception of green technology, proving—for perhaps the first time—that environmentally-friendly solutions can outperform, and be more cost effective, than the synthetic surfactants currently in use,” said Jonathan Rogers, the company’s CEO. “These treatments are enhancing production and extending the ultimate recoverable reserves of treated wells while moving the oil industry forward in innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We’re honored that the importance of these advances has been recognized by the Texas Oil & Gas Awards judging panel.”

The customized biosurfactant treatment program consists of two products—AssurEOR FLOW™ for paraffin remediation and AssurEOR STIM™ for well stimulation. When used together, the solutions naturally improve the economic viability of existing wells by offering significant increases in production rates and recoverable reserves. Since availability was expanded to Texas oil basins less than a year ago, interest has grown rapidly based on impressive ongoing results on over 100 Permian wells.

Winners of the Texas Oil & Gas Awards will be announced at an awards gala dinner on September 19 in Houston. To learn more about the AssurEOR game-changing technology, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.

Biosurfactants: Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus.



About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ offers a patent-pending, award-winning biosurfactant treatment program for oil applications that is cost-competitive, biodegradable and safer than current chemical and traditional treatments, with even better results. A world-class team of R&D scientists have solved many of the problems plaguing other biological-based products with the development of AssurEOR FLOW™ and AssurEOR STIM™. The treatments are optimized for specific well conditions for enhanced oil recovery, wellbore cleaning, and paraffin wax and asphaltene remediation, including the cleaning of rods, pipelines and flow lines, casings and solidified storage tank bottoms. For more information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.