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Award-Winning Oil Technology Company Debuts Center to Top Oilfield Leaders with Biosurfactant Workshop

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (September 19, 2019) Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, the fast-growing oil technology company whose environmentally-friendly biosurfactant treatments consistently increase well production by averages of 40 percent, officially opened its new 7,117-square-foot Houston innovation center on Tuesday. The company debuted the center to top oilfield leaders during an exclusive workshop.

Located in a Houston suburb known as The Woodlands, the innovation center will act as Locus Bio-Energy’s new headquarters, housing the executive and scientific leadership teams. It features a state-of-the-art laboratory to customize and deploy the company’s award-winning AssurEOR biosurfactant treatment program across the Permian and other Texas basins.

This is the third expansion for Locus Bio-Energy, which started with an R&D facility in Solon, Ohio at the headquarters of its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS). Since Locus Bio-Energy was founded in 2017, it has tripled employment and built additional facilities in the heart of the Appalachian and Permian basins. It now has offices in Worthington, Ohio, and Midland and The Woodlands, Texas.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Ken Alibek, Senior VP of R&D, Marty Shumway, Technical Director, and Jonathan Rogers, CEO

“This new innovation center is the next step in executing our strategic growth plan, and we’re honored to continue building roots in Texas by expanding our presence in the Permian basin and entering the Eagle Ford basin,” said Jonathan Rogers, the company’s CEO. “Our goal is to bring innovative green chemistries to the oil industry, and the center has the specialized, niche analytical capabilities to take our offerings to the next level.”

Tuesday’s grand opening featured an exclusive biosurfactant workshop, with learning sessions from top experts in oil technology, fermentation and entrepreneurship. Oil industry veterans learned more about:

  • The Journey to Developing Green Solutions from Andy Lefkowitz, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Locus FS
  • How Fermentation Can Save the Oil Industry from Dr. Ken Alibek, Senior VP of R&D at Locus FS
  • Why Biosurfactants Are the Future of Production Technology from Dr. Amir Mahmoudkhani, Director of Technology for Locus Bio-Energy
  • How to Get Precision Product Placement in Multi-Interval Wells from Roger Antonsen and Brian Sullivan at Comitt Well Solutions

Locus Bio-Energy has quickly become well-known in the oil industry for its customized biosurfactant treatments. Known as AssurEOR, the treatment program consists of AssurEOR FLOW for paraffin remediation and AssurEOR STIM for well stimulation. When used together, the two products significantly increase production rates and recoverable reserves. Use of the green technology continues to grow, with more than 500 wells being treated across the Appalachian, Permian and Powder River Basins.

To learn more about Locus Bio-Energy’s innovation center or the company’s award-winning biosurfactant technology, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.

Biosurfactants: Produced by Nature. Perfected by Locus.


About Locus Bio-Energy Solutions

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ offers patent-pending treatments based on the by-products of non-GMO microorganisms for oil applications that are cost-competitive, biodegradable and safer than current chemical and traditional treatments, with even better results. A world-class team of R&D scientists have solved many of the problems plaguing other biological product-based treatments with the development of AssurEOR FLOW™ and AssurEOR STIM™. The products include customized treatments optimized for specific well conditions for enhanced oil recovery, wellbore cleaning, and paraffin wax and asphaltene dispersal, including the cleaning of rods, pipelines and flow lines, casings and solidified storage tank bottoms. For more information, visit LocusBioEnergy.com.